You keep 90%of your royalties. We provide you with an exclusive international digital network to meet all your digital distribution needs. You send us your music and we distribute it to the world. For as low as $25 per Album and $7 per Single with no hidden costs and no annual fees, we distribute your music to over 350 digital retailers worldwide, including online and mobile destinations in more than 200 countries, giving your music the exposure it needs.


INIMUZIK also provides in-house marketing and promotion for your releases (to media for press coverage and to consumers for sales), thereby creating the demand for your music globally. We also offer in-house Duplication (CD/DVD)


INIMUZIK provides all this and more for one low price. We also offer commission based distribution. For more information including our rates and full details, please contact us.


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In 2011 iNiMuzik implemented the YouTube Content ID System, which means that iNiMuzik users are able to make money from their YouTube tracks.

The content system scans the entire YouTube catalogue for iNiMuzik users’ tracks. YouTube then displays ads on these pages and iNiMuzik users get 85 % of the advertising income!

These are the advantages that iNiMuzik users get from YouTube