INIMUZIK brings your product directly to a larger community worldwide, who share a massive spending power, especially when it comes to Afro-Caribbean music.

This is a community that is heavily under-serviced, as they are not necessarily exposed to traditional marketing schemes. However, INIMUZIK enjoys a close relationship with this community, and markets directly to them (providing them with links to the digital and physical retailers of your music).

1 Marketing Campaign (part of a multi-album blast) : $75

1 Marketing Campaign (Your album alone) : $125

Orders received Monday through Thursday will be processed the following business day. All orders received Friday through Sunday will be processed the following Monday.

Orders are non-refundable.

For your marketing campaign, e-mail the following to mymuzik(at)inimuzik dot com:

  • Hi-resolution (550x550) jpeg of album cover
  • Full album track listing
  • 1 to 2 paragraphs (in English) describing the album
  • Artist biography
  • 1 promotional track from the album
  • Hyperlinks to your album on iTunes, Amazon,, Rhapsody, Spotify, etc.

Upon payment, we will prepare a draft of your marketing campaign for your review (within approximately 3 to 5 business days). Once the draft has been approved by you, we will schedule a date for your campaign to be sent out.

Please use the "Buy Now" button(s) above, or contact us additional inquiries, including requests for other forms of payment.

In 2011 iNiMuzik implemented the YouTube Content ID System, which means that iNiMuzik users are able to make money from their YouTube tracks.

The content system scans the entire YouTube catalogue for iNiMuzik users’ tracks. YouTube then displays ads on these pages and iNiMuzik users get 85 % of the advertising income!

These are the advantages that iNiMuzik users get from YouTube